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San Marcos Community Church

San Marcos Community Church

I used a Wordpress theme by Kaptinlin to create this website for my church. This had been my first attempt at using Wordpress's CMS, and it is so great. The installation was simple, and the theme is perfect for what we're using it for. I have tried other content managers like Joomla! before, and they were nightmares. Highly recommended!

Rand Renfrow


I created this website for my good friend Rand Renfrow. He's a really awesome screen printer and illustrator in the Austin area. It was a pretty simple site to create (just HTML and CSS); however, we had some issues with the horizontal scrolling. The "easiest" way for me to build the site was by using a fixed width div, which was not my favorite idea. We tried other options, but different browsers displayed the site differently.

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication

I am the webmaster and content manager of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication website at Texas State University. The university uses the content management system GATO, so I have to self-host my style sheet and write my own XHTML code to bypass the system. I manipulated a javascript file to run the image rotator.

Youth Unight

...Be To God Retreat Mini-site

I created this website in about two full days, from the video to the design. I used iMovie 09 and LiveType for the video, and I used Photoshop and Dreameaver CS5 for the graphic/web design. This website is to prepare for a youth retreat happening on Nov. 19 & 20 in Canyon Lake, TX at Genesis Ranch. We no longer needed the URL, so the site is hosted on my personal domain.

Liora String Quartet Site

Liora String Quartet

I designed and developed this site in 2010 for a friend in a string quartet at Texas State University. I coded it using Dreamweaver and created the logo and navigation buttons in Photoshop. It took about two eight-hour days to complete. They have since disbanded and no longer needed the URL, so the site is hosted on my personal domain.

South By Texas State

South By Texas State

This was a collaborative effort in one of my graduate classes at Texas State University, where SXSW Interactive allowed us to write articles and cover the festival in March 2008. In 2009, the site won 2nd place in the AEJMC Best of the Web in the Journalism category for a student project. We used Wordpress to host the blog, and we created unique pages and edited the CSS.

Rubber Versus Road

Rubber Vs. Road

For one of my last projects in grad school, we were to tell a journalistic story via a Web site. Working with three other classmates, we examined alternative transportation methods in San Marcos, TX using video interviews, interactive maps, and a quiz in Flash. While I was not integral in the design process, I was responsible for many of the videos and quiz.

My First Web Site

My "First" Site

While I've been a media designer since 2003, I started designing websites in 2006. My first website was a basic personal site, which was part of a class in grad school. That site has since been deleted, but it was very similar to the updated site you see here. It was my first experience with Dreameaver and using a CSS, and I used CS3 to design and code it.